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CQbd works with clients on projects that entail marketing, communications, and/or business development capabilities or have project management requirements related to technology solutions. Most often we engage with clients that may not have the time, skills, or resources among current staff; where they are looking to augment staff endeavors; where a need for a full-time employee in a certain area has not yet been determined; and/or where it's an initiative that may essentially be a test case or pilot project. CQbd can work with clients on a monthly retainer or project basis. We will tailor-make a proposal to meet your organization's needs. 

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CQbd focuses on connecting clients with the customers, members, companies, partners, resources, and/or concepts that enable them to progress and grow.

CQbd operates from the premise that effective communications can drive organizations. Written and verbal communications, images, and/or presentations can be utilized to convey important messages to customers, members, companies, partners, and other constituents. Using terminology that all sides can comprehend leads

to greater understanding between

the client and those they serve.

Once clients have been connected to customers, members, companies, partners, and/or vendors and effective methods of communications have been established, then the fun begins!

CQbd thrives on supporting collaborations that advance organizations and their missions, services, and products.

 "Jay was a great addition to team AACP and responsible to manage a couple of critical projects.

His diligence and commitment ensured successful implementation and his meticulous approach

to project management was the highlight of his consulting engagement with AACP.

I highly recommend Jay, since he brings a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience for association management."

Sibu Ramamurthy, Vice President of Finance/CFO

American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy


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